Welcome to Bluebell Railway Walks

The Bluebell Railway is the setting for this series of walks, located in the High Weald National Landscape. Each of the walks crosses the steam railway at one (or more) of the many foot crossings or bridges and combines exceptional views over the Sussex countryside with the chance of a close-up encounter with steam. Follow one of the circular walks Circular Walk or get the best of both worlds by taking a train to the starting point of a linear walk Linear Walk.

By Train

Taking a ride on the Bluebell Railway is a great way to preview what you can see on these walks. As soon as you leave the station the landscape begins to reveal its special character.

As the train dives into cuttings and glides over high banks and viaducts, views over the surrounding countryside ebb and flow. Wooded valleys, streams, farms and cottages flash by surrounded by wild flowers, country lanes and meadows.

On Foot

On foot the experience is more intimate. The landscape around the railway is crisscrossed with pathways and instead of seeing the countryside from the train you can see trains from the countryside!

With the pace now under your control you will be twisting along ancient paths, crossing bubbling streams, finding hidden buildings and encountering more surprise views.

From the line-side it is possible to feel the power and heat of a locomotive as it thunders past but it is from the bridges where you are most likely to catch the alluring smell of coal and steam.


In late April and May bluebells feature on each of the walks in abundance. The UK is believed to have nearly half of the world’s population of bluebells and it is true that the Bluebell Railway has its fair share. See the ‘Bluebells‘ page to find out more about their lifecycle and habits.

Bluebells are at their best for only a couple of weeks but the ‘Best Time to See Bluebells‘ page has information to help you plan ahead.

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