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East Grinstead

4 miles

This sub-urban walk shows off some of the best features of East Grinstead. From ancient timbered buildings along the high street to the towering Imberhorne viaduct. Returning to East Court Mansion via a well appointed sub-urban landscape. Stout boots are not required for this walk but, as you will see, the surrounding countyside is never far away.

Start Location
OS Grid RefTQ 399 388
GPS Latitude51.131798
GPS Longitude-0.001533
Post CodeRH19 3HT
East Grinstead Walk Map
1Walk to main road and turn left
2At bus stop take footpath path on left
3Follow footpath past playground
4Cross Escots Drive
5Take next road on right after traffic lights
6Cross car park towards church
7Proceed to churchyard entrance
8Follow path through churchyard
9Turn right at high street and cross road at lights
10Follow high street past shops to Clarenden House
11Cross road at zebra crossing and turn left
12Go past library and continue down hill
13Take path on right at black bollard and turn left at fork
14Find narrow path between holly hedge and proceed to to road
15Turn right and cross road in to Sainsburys
16Pass shop front and turn right at road
17After station at yellow railings cross bridge over railway
18Cross car park and follow Worth Way for 1/2 mile
19Enter gap on left (before bridge) and turn right uphill
20At top of steps turn left
21Follow road and pass under viaduct
22At roundabout take 2nd exit along Hurst Farm Road
23Turn left in to Musgrave Avenue
24At end of Musgrave Avenue turn right
25Turn left at roundabout
26Turn left, then right along Hermitage Lane
27At High Street turn right
28Cross the road front of Sackville College and turn left
29Turn right in to Church Lane at Rose and Crown pub
6Turn right in to car park and cross diagonally to Chequer Mead
5Turn right at road, then left crossing road at lights
4Cross Escots Drive and head back to East Court
3At playground continue down hill
2At bus stop turn right
1Turn right in to Lynton Park Avenue

East Grinstead

Jubilee Walk

Park along Lynton Park Avenue as close to the main road as possible (A264). Look out for the meridian marker stones on either side of the road here. You will be standing on the Greenwich Meridian (exactly 0 degrees east/west). 1 Make your way back to the A264 and turn left. 2 At the bus stop take the footpath on the left and continue up the steps towards East Court (the Town Hall buildings at the top of the hill to your left). You could explore East Court now or save it for your return.

3 Now make your way past the childrens play ground. Follow the Jubilee Walk path, leading gently uphill and snaking between some small trees as you go. Look left as you take this path. There are great views overlooking the wooded wealden landscape towards East Sussex and Kent. The path quickly leads you out of East Court towards East Grinstead town centre. 4 Cross Estcots Drive as you leave the Jubilee Walk.

Church Yard Entrance There is another view to the left as you cross the road (but be watchful for traffic). Cross the bridge over Beeching Way (an old railway cutting converted to a road) and cross the road at the traffic lights. 5 Turn right in to De La Warr Road.

6 Opposite the Chequer Mead Arts Centre climb the steps (bounded by yellow railings) into a car park. To your left you will see a sandstone water tower (built in 1914 but now converted to a house) and towards the opposite corner of the car park, through the trees, you will see the tower of St Swithuns church. Cross the car park, heading towards the church tower.

As you emerge from the car park, turn left and continue to the covered entrance of St Swithuns church yard (shown in the photo). 7 Enter the church yard and follow the path. At the church entrance you will see a a metal arch and a gap between the brick and timber buildings. 8 Make your way between the buildings and out on to the high street.

Turn right and cross the road at the traffic lights. 9 Continue along this side of the high street, passing the timbered shop fronts lined with poplar trees, cherry trees and flower beds. Follow the path to Judges Terrace, sandwiched between two buildings. 10 Just beyond this point (at Clarenden House) you will see a zebra crossing between two mini roundabouts. 11 Cross the road and turn left.

East Grinstead High Street Buildings

12 Pass the library (on your left) and continue along the road. You will cross Queensway twice before the road steepens down hill. Look out for break in the hedges on the right. There is black bollard here. 13 Take the path and head downhill in to Brooklands Park.

Veer left as the path forks and continue to the bottom of the valley. As the path heads uphill again, look for another gap between hedges. Take this path steeply uphill through an alleyway bounded by the high hedges and fencing belonging to adjacent gardens. 14 Cross the road and turn right. After a short while you will see some steps on the left behind a barrier. 15 Take these steps and turn left towards the entrance to Sainsburys supermarket.

Pass the supermarket entrance and continue past the front of the coffee shop to the road. As you emerge on to the road you will see the Bluebell Railway station on your left and the mainline station on your right.

Imberhorne Viaduct At the Bluebell Railway station there is currently a small coffee shop, an information centre and a ticket office. From the ticket office you can see right along the line and, if your timing is right, you may see a steam train pulling in to the station.

16 Now head towards mainline station. Walk past the station entrance and take the path ahead (bounded by yellow railings). Climb the path and cross the bridge over the Southern Railway line. 17 The bridge will take you to a car park and, to the right, a path that follows the route of a disused railway (the Worth Way). 18

The tree lined Worth Way takes you away from the station. After about 1/3 mile when you can see an arched bridge in the distance look out for an opening on the left. 19 Take this opening and turn right uphill towards some steps. 20 At the top of the steps and turn left and follow the road downhill to Imberhorne viaduct. If you are lucky you may see a steam train passing by high overhead. 21 Pass under the viaduct and make your way to a roundabout.

22 At the roundabout take the second exit and follow Hurst Farm Road for about 500 yards. Ignoring Harvest Hill on the left you will eventually reach Musgrave Avenue. If you feel like a rest at this point there is a bench by Hurst Farm Pond (entrance opposite Musgrave Avenue).

Sackville College

23 Now proceed along Musgrave Avenue and continue through the sub-urban landscape until you reach a T junction. 24 Turn right and follow the road to a roundabout. 25 Turn left, then left again in to Hermitage Lane. 26 Ignore The Rise on your left and veer right along the road which becomes a sunken lane and eventually delivers you to the high street. 27

If you need refreshment, now would be a good time to grab a coffee, ice cream or something more substantial. There is plenty to choose from along the High Street and North Street.

At the end of Hermitage Lane turn right and continue along the high street, passing a row of 15th century timbered buildings. When you reach the last building, cross the road. 28 It is worth taking a look a Sackville College while you are here. Now return along the high street and take the next right at the Rose and Crown pub. 29 This road takes you past the churchyard entrance. 7

6 Turn right into the car park and cross diagonally towards the Chequer Mead Arts Centre. 5 Go down the steps to the road and turn right. 4 Turn left and continue over bridge back to East Court. 3

East Court Mansion

When you reach East Court we recommend that you take the footpath opposite the playground and explore the terraces in front of East Court Mansion. 30 The Greenwich Meridian passes through this point, recognised by a sculpture and an engraving laid in to the upper terrace. A plaque recounts the history of East Court. Again here you will have the opportunity to see views over the wooded landscape surrounding East Grinstead.

3From the playground continue down hill to the main road. 2At the bus stop turn right. 1Turn right in to Lynton Park Avenue and return to your car.

If you came by train we recommend you start and finish at way point 17, omitting steps 1 and 2.

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