East Grinstead

East Grinstead - 6 miles

This sub-urban walk shows off some of the best features of East Grinstead. From ancient timbered buildings along the High Street to the towering Imberhorne Viaduct. Returning to East Court Mansion via a well appointed sub-urban landscape. Stout boots are not required for this walk but, as you will see, the surrounding countryside is never far away.

Start Location
OS Grid RefTQ 400 388
GPS Latitude51.132
GPS Longitude0.0006
Post CodeRH19 3XB
East Grinstead route map

Primroses on the Worth WayPark anywhere along Lynton Park Avenue or Lancaster Drive. (If you came by train, start the walk from way point 22). 1 Start walking East, away from East Grinstead. If in doubt, the house numbers increase if you are heading in the right direction. 2 If you started in Lynton Park Avenue, turn right at the end of the road into Lancaster Drive. Walk along Lancaster Drive looking out for Fulmar Drive on the right after about 1/4 mile.

3 Turn right into Fulmar Drive. 4 At the top of Fulmar Drive, go straight on into Stirling Way. In a few yards you will see a gate and a footpath sign on the right. Go through the gate.

Now follow the path which leads you into Ashplats Wood. Ignore all footpaths going off to the right or left and you will eventually go down flight of wooden steps, built by Ashplats Conservation Group. Cross a stream and soon you will emerge in a small meadow.

McIndoe Memorial Statue, High Street, East Grinstead5 After the meadow, bear left as another path meets you from the right. Passing a pond on the right you will see a field in front of you. 6 Walk out into the middle of the field, looking to the right until you see East Court Mansion. Now head uphill towards the mansion.

7 Climb one of the steps in the terrace wall in front of the house. Looking back, you will see views overlooking the wooded Wealden landscape towards East Sussex and Kent. Go left along the terrace until you see a path on the right. Take the path and follow it to a childrens playground. 8 Turn left and follow the Jubilee path which eventually leads you out of East Court.

9 Cross the road and continue over a bridge. Keep going straight on until you come to a road which plunges downhill off to the left. This is Old Road. 10 Follow the Old Road until it ends at a T junction. 11 Now turn right, heading towards East Grinstead. Crossing the road you will see Sackville College on your right and a statue of Sir Archbald McIndoe, the World War Two pioneering plastic surgeon who practiced at the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead.

Amherst House, High Street, East Grinstead12 Continue along the road and cross the road at the traffic lights. Proceed along the high street, passing timbered shop fronts lined with poplar trees, cherry trees and flower beds. At Clarenden House (the last house on the left) you will see a zebra crossing and a mini roundabout. 13 Turn left at the roundabout into Ship Street. Cross the road opposite the entrance to Waitrose and continue along Ship Street until you see a small roadside barrier.

14 At the barrier, turn right into a short alleyway which then emerges into Clay Close. Follow the close to the end. 15 Turn right. You will now be walking along Musgrave Avenue. The views across the rooftops to the surounding fields and woodland remind you that, in East Grinstead, you are never far from the countryside.

16 Turn right into Hurst Farm Road and walk all the way to a roundabout at the bottom of the hill. 17 Cross over the the roundabout and after a few yards take Garden Wood Road on the left.

Ahead you will see the massive Imberhorne viaduct coming into view. If you are lucky you may see the funnel of a steam train passing byEast Court high overhead. 18 Pass under the viaduct and make your way uphill until you see a blue sign for the Worth Way.

19 Turn right, following the Worth Way sign to the end of Dickens Close. 20 After the last house on the left turn left, follow the paved footpath uphill. After a few yards go through a gap in the hedgerow onto the Worth Way. Now double back along the path towards East Grinstead.

21 At the end of the Worth Way go past a double storey car park and find a footbridge which takes you across the mainline railway to East Grinstead Station. 22 Walk past the front of the station entrance and along the road to the Bluebell Railway station. At the Bluebell Railway station there is a small tea-shop, the ‘Grinsteade Buffet’ contained in an old railway carriage together with an information centre. There is also a coffee shop in the adjacent supermarket.

Sackville CollegeFrom the Bluebell Railway ticket office you can see along the line and, if your timing is good, you may see a steam train pulling in to the station. Alternatively, walk to the very end of the supermarket car park and you can see the Bluebell Railway platform through the fence. Here you can see steam locomotives uncoupling and re-attaching at the other end of their train for the journey back to Sheffield Park.

23 When you have finished at the Bluebell Railway station, return over the footbridge on the left after the main line station. and take the road on the right (Grosvenor Road). 24 Turn left into Crescent Road. 25 At the end of Crescent Road, go straight across into Maypole Road.

26 At the T junction, turn right. Cross the road at the traffic lights and continue along the road over the railway bridge. 27 Immediately after the railway bridge turn left into an alley that follows the path of the mainline railway. 28 As the path reaches a road you should see St Margaret’s Convent on the left. Turn right, away from the convent, then left at the traffic lights along St John’s Road.

29 As the road turns left, go straight on into the park Spectators watching BR Standard, No.73082 “Camelot” at East Grinstead Stationat Mount Noddy and walk past the tennis courts. 30 After the tennis courts, look out for a gate on the right and enter the cemetery. Follow the path through the cemetery to the bottom of the hill and out onto the road at a roundabout.

31 Turn left at the roundabout and cross the road. Walk past the bus stop. 32 Take Lynton Park Avenue on the right. 33 Look out for the Greenwich Meridian markers on either side of the road as you cross from the Western hemisphere to the East. Now it’s time to walk back to your car. (Turn into Lancaster Drive if you parked along there).

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