Horsted Keynes South

Horsted Keynes South - 7 miles

You will never be far from the whistle of a Bluebell Railway train on this walk. Meandering through farmland, village and woodland landscapes the walk eventually crosses the line and takes you to to your destination at Sheffield Park station.

Start Location
OS Grid RefTQ 405 236
GPS Latitude50.994679
GPS Longitude0.001048
Post CodeTN22 3QU
Horsted Keynes South route map

Direction sign at Horsted Keynes StationThe recommended way of starting this walk is to park your car at Sheffield Park Station and catch a train to Horsted Keynes. There is then no pressure to finish the walk before the last train home. 1 From the entrance at Horsted Keynes station walk to the T junction keeping the station buildings on your right. Turn right at the junction and walk down the road for about 100 yards until you see a footpath sign on the left just before a bridge. 2

After crossing the style, head diagonally across the field. Here you should find a footpath sign pointing along a short stretch of farm track in to another small field. There are some farm buildings here belonging to Little Oddeynes Farm. Now make your way towards a gate to the right of a corrugated iron barn.

Horsted Keynes Station entrancePass through the gate, turn right and follow the path until you come to a kissing gate. 3 Once through the gate double back on the other side of the hedge towards the farm buildings. You will see a farm house ahead with three chimneys. Immediately after the farm house turn right and continue until you see a style on the left. Cross the style and head diagonally across the field.

Now heading away from the farm the true nature of the countryside around Horsted Keynes reveals itself with views across the valley. As you get half way across the field you will see a style and gate at the bottom of the hill. 4 Cross the style and turn right at the road. Immediately turn left after a large corrugated iron barn.

Continue along this track, framed with woodland. Towards the end of the track you will see a lake to the left. 5 This lake is the last in a string of ponds that used to service the mill buildings you are about to encounter. After a few yards you will arrive at The Old Mill House. Follow the path snaking past the timber framed buildings and head uphill until you reach a road where you will see the spire of St Giles Church. 6

Church Lane, Horsted KeynesTurn right, eventually passing the church and a number of cottages along the way. Continue until the road swings to the right. Here, take the path uphill towards a bollard and a white direction sign. 7 Cross the road opposite the post office and head towards a footpath sign that stands next to the Chapel Lane road name.

Proceed along the lane passing between a number of cottages until you encounter the improved road surface of Wyatts Lane in front of you. 8 Continue forwards along Wyatts Lane. Navigation is now easy for a while as your way will be directed by a number of Sussex Border Path signs. Carry on along the border path for some way, passing through beech woods (covered in Bluebells in spring), then heading downhill with an ancient ditch to the right until you reach a stream at the bottom of the valley. 9

London Brighton & South Coast Railway Class E4 0-6-2T 473, "Birch Grove" steaming south st Town Place BridgeClimbing steeply now the path swings left and meets the tarmac drive to Hole House. Turn right uphill, following the path away from the property and eventually you will see another house in front of you. As the drive veers to the right a footpath carries you forward, passing to the left of the house until you meet a road. 10 Turn right and walk along the road until you see a sign for Latchetts. 11

Take the footpath on the opposite side of the road along a track towards Longridge and Kidborough. Keep a look out for a footpath to the right that takes you in to a field. 12 Now skirting along a hedge to your right the path disappears into woodland and eventually emerges later next to a field full of vines belonging to Bluebell Vineyard Estates13

Continue through a kissing gate and head along the path towards a timber-framed farmhouse in the distance. As you approach Town House you will find that it lies over the other side of a road. Turn right on the road and past the house take the next footpath on the left. 14 The footpath follows the line of the hedge for a while but as the hedge turns left go straight across the field downhill. This will take you to the corner of the field where there is a double planked bridge.

Wapsborne ManorTurn right after the bridge and eventually you will come to the Bluebell Railway. 15 Just before the path turns left along the railway bank you will see a style on the right. Opposite the style there is a path that disappears into the bushes. Take this path and you will suddenly find yourself crossing a bridge. Here is your chance to see a train, so you could stop for a while if you have the time.

When you are ready to move on, walk downhill to a pair of styles by a large oak tree. After the styles turn right, crossing another style by a gate and then on to the road. 16 Turn left and walk along the road until you reach the Sloop Inn. About 100 yards after the pub take the footpath to your left opposite Highbank. 17 Walking past Bacon Wish and Field Cottage you will come to a gate across the path.

Hay Bales at Little Oddynes FarmAfter the gate follow the footpath through woodland until you reach a field. 18 This field forms part of the camp site at Wapsborne Manor. Cross the field to a footpath sign pointing in three directions. Follow the footpath to the left. This takes you along an avenue of newly planted trees to a gate. Continue along this path keeping to the footpath until you find a small bridge. 19

Turning left after the bridge you will soon see the magnificent Wapsborne Farm Manor House. Passing the manor house follow the track towards a road. Just before the road, turn left keeping within the field. When you finally reach the road cross over and turn left. 20 After a while the entrance to Sheffield Park Station will appear on your left. You have at last reached the end of the walk. 21 Refreshments are served in the station at Sheffield Park.

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