Standen - 4 miles

With two places to see trains, a National Trust property, fine views of the Weirwood Reservoir and the Kingscote Estate wine shop half way round there is something to interest everyone on this walk.

Start Location
OS Grid RefTQ 387 359
GPS Latitude51.10636
GPS Longitude-0.01918
Post CodeRH19 4NE
Standen route map

As you drive along the track towards Standen you should see a car park on the right, through a gap in the hedge. Park here or, if you are a National Trust member, park in Standen car park and walk back to waypoint 2.

Southern Railway Maunsell Q-class No.30541 at Birch Farm foot crossing1 From the first car park, walk through the woods in the direction of Standen until you meet the road again and another footpath. 2 Turn right onto a footpath, keeping a hedgerow on the left and open field on the right.

3 Go through a kissing gate and follow the path all the way along the left hand side of a field. Ignore any paths going off to the left or right.

4 At the bottom corner of the field, go through a gate. The footpath now dives into woodland and turns into a sunken path for a while. Keep going downhill, again ignoring all the paths going left or right. Kingscote Vineyard Estates Tithe Barn5 Go through a gate and continue downhill to a fence at the bottom of the hill. (There are good views across the Weirwood reservoir as you walk down the hill.)

6 Turn right at the fence and continue along this path keeping the fence on your left until you reach a single track road. 7 The road to the left is now submerged under the reservoir, so turn right and head uphill along the road until you reach a T junction.

8 Turn right but be aware of traffic. This stretch of road is only very short but cars can appear very fast. 9 Turn immediately left by a sandstone outcrop (towering above you) and follow the footpath.

The path takes you along the top of Stone Hill Rocks, a favourite place for climbers. After a while the path goes downhill and turns sharply to the right. Bridge over a tributary to the River Medway at Kingscote Vineyard Estates10 Leave the path here and go through a gate into a field. Walk straight across the middle of the field. You should be pointing slightly to the left of an electricity pylon (seen in the middle distance) as you head downhill.

11 At the bottom of the hill you will reach a stream. Follow the stream, keeping it to your right, until you reach a bridge.

12 Cross the bridge and turn left. The path leads you over boggy ground towards the edge of the field. 13 Go through a gate and walk through the woods until you find a steep railway bank. 14 Cross the style and climb the bank towards the level crossing.

South Eastern & Chatham Railway No.263 at Birchstone BridgeIf you want to see a train here, it is safest to cross over the line first and wait at the other side. When you have finished here, continue down the bank, crossing the style at the bottom. Continue to a single track road. 15 Turn right and walk along the road.

16 Just after the road starts to go downhill, take the footpath on the right. Continue on this path all the way to the bottom, ignoring any paths that veer off to the right. 17 At the bottom of the hill a single track road goes under the Bluebell Railway. This is a good place to wait for a train if you missed one at the level crossing. Now go under the bridge and continue on the level track between a number of ancient farm buildings and a wine shop selling produce from the Kingscote Estate.Ardingly Sandstone outcrop at Stone Hill Rocks18 Cross the bridge over a stream and take the path on the left. This path will soon carry you uphill on a path between the vines. 19 When you emerge at a field, keep going and look out for a footpath on the left. 20 Take the footpath into the woods.

21 Just before you reach a track, take the footpath to the right of it. The track soon veers left away from your footpath. Soon you will reach a style into Deers Leap Park. 22 Head across the field to a gap in the hedge on your left.

23 Now go diagonally across the field and into woods again. 24 Take the path on the left as soon as you enter the woods. 25 After a long walk through the woods you will arrive at East Grinstead Sports Club. Walk between hockey pitches and sports centre buildings. 26 At the last hockey pitch, swing right towards the sports club exit. 27 At the road, turn right onto a footpath.

28 When the footpath ends, continue along the road, eventually passing the entrance to Saint Hill Manor. Footpath to Birch Farm foot crossing29 Take the next footpath on the left and proceed along a concrete track, passing cottages on the left and rugby fields on the right. 30 When the track runs out, go all the way to the far end of the rugby field, ignoring a footpath going left.

31 Go past the pylon, festooned with mobile phone aerials, and turn left onto the road. 32 Turn right on the single track drive towards Standen and walk back to the starting point.

If you are National Trust members, you could find refreshments in the coffee shop at Standen and perhaps spend the rest of your day looking around the house and gardens.

Waypoint Arrival Times – 2021 Timetable

Standen Timetable