As the title suggests each walk crosses the Bluebell Railway line. Always stop look and listen for trains at level crossings before going across. At all other times keep behind barriers and fences. Do not linger at level crossings or walk along the railway itself.

Some sections of routes are along, or cross, roads. Remember traffic is a danger even on minor country lanes.

For your safety (and the safety of others and animals) please follow the countryside code:

  1. Guard against all risk of fire
  2. Fasten all gates
  3. Keep your dogs under close control
  4. Keep to public paths across farmland
  5. Use gates and stiles to cross fences, hedges and walls
  6. Leave livestock, crops and machinery alone
  7. Take your litter home
  8. Protect wildlife plants and trees
  9. Take special care on country roads
  10. Make no unnecessary noise


Ensure that you have good footwear (waterproof walking shoes or boots are recommended) and carry a waterproof and warm sweater between Autumn and Spring. In summer, take account of the heat and sun by wearing a hat, sunscreen and carrying enough water. Remember to bring any medication that you may require during your walk.


While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website the countryside is a changing environment. If you spot any errors in the instructions please contact us.

Please note: Bluebell Railway Walks or its author cannot be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage to property or any consequential loss however caused.